Introducing Los Feliz Forward

Look, we don’t need to convince you of the depth of the housing crisis. You feel it in the skyrocketing rental market all throughout Los Feliz, and the rent increases that you can set a watch to. You see it at Vermont Triangle, under the 101, and elsewhere: people can’t find anywhere at all to live. When Los Feliz home prices shoot into the millions, it makes a mockery of the American Dream for all but the lucky incumbents.

We can do better

Here at Los Feliz Forward, we believe: 

  • that the housing crisis is real and it is solvable.
  • that there must be new housing - market rate and affordable - to prevent housing costs from getting even worse.
  • in strong protections for tenants, homeless neighbors, and the most vulnerable among so to prevent displacement.
  • in integrated planning that includes access to alternative modes of transportation and thoughtful approaches to the local built environment.
  • that selfish NIMBYs cannot be allowed to get away with blocking all new housing that is sorely needed.

Why we fight

Every day, the NIMBYs put up barricades to new housing. They twist outdated laws to prevent new housing from being built, and to reduce the size of what does get approvedIt has got to stop.  

We will fight back against the loudest voices who prefer exclusion and no new housing and advocate for those who's opportunity for housing security and upward mobility is being quashed.

The crisis by the numbers

  • In 2010, there were 16,706 units in Los Feliz. In 2016, there were 16,565 (141 FEWER) units in the neighborhood. In other words, Los Feliz actually lost about 1% of its homes in 6 years.
  • Our neighborhood’s population has increased from 29,537 in 2010 to 30,667 in 2016, a total increase of 1130 people.
  • Two-thirds of the neighborhood’s homes are renter-occupied.
  • From 2012 to 2018, rents in Los Feliz have increased 67%. And home prices have increased 56%.

Sources:, US Census, 2010 & 2016 American Community Surveys

So what are we going to do?

Organize. Los Feliz Forward will be a home for those currently disenfranchised from the local political process. We will work with you to organize your neighbors to fight back against the narrow entrenched interests in the neighborhood. We’ll call out people who want to keep supply limited to increase their own home values.

Empower. Want to get involved in the local neighborhood council? Come testify on behalf of new homes? Guess what – you’re not alone! We’re here to help you raise your voice and effect change through targeted and meaningful action.

Activate. Why should NIMBYs get to make all of the decisions? We are here to help you challenge these entrenched interests, take their power, and redirect it to those in our neighborhood who are struggling to afford the roof over their head. 

Los Feliz Forward